Pressure measurement in biology


There are two different Pressure Meter/Monitor models in the product choice of Supertech. The simple Biological Pressure Meter is a general-purpose pressure measuring equipment. The other version, ICP Monitor is optimized for neurosurgical intensive care applications. An advantage of all our Pressure Meters/Monitors, that they are small, portable equipments.


The most important, common feature of our Pressure Meter/Monitor models, that they are designed to use the standard, popular, surprisingly reliable, however cheap Combitrans pressure detector cells. The Combitrans pressure detectors are standardized products. They are cheap (because they are used in the human practice as disposable parts), but they have got excellent linearity and surprisingly good long-term stability.


Technical data (common for all Pressure Meter/Monitor models):


The measurement unit is selectable by a switch on the front plate: Hgmm or mBar


Measurement range (referring to the pressure applied to the reference input of the Combitrans pressure sensor):

    from -200 Hgmm to 200 Hgmm, or

    from -200 mBar to 200 mBar


Resolution: 0.1 Hgmm or 0.1 mBar


Linearity: +/- 2 Hgmm or +/- 2 mBar


Correction range of the zero-pressure offset error of the pressure detector cell: +/- 200 Hgmm


Analog voltage output for PC-based DAQ systems: 1 V equals to 100 Hgmm



Biological Pressure Monitor PRM-4a


This model is a general-purpose, simple, measure-only equipment. Any pressure appearing in the body of human, or animal patient can be measured with it, such as blood pressure, intra-cranial pressure (ICP), breathing in the mouth, pressure in the lung, or any other pressure signal.


We manufacture two alternates of the Biological Pressure Meter, a mains-powered, and a battery-powered version. The battery-powered version has been developed for human applications. In every measuring situations you should establish an invasive connection to the Combitrans pressure detector. This is the only limitation in the human applications: you should follow the appropriate medical rules strictly, when you make the connection to the pressure to be measured.


The below picture shows the slope shaped equipment enclosure. On demand we manufacture it as a usual table-top measuring equipment with the controls and the display on its front plate.


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Intra-Cranial Pressure Monitor with Alarm Function (ICP Monitor)


ICP Monitor is a portable, battery-powered equipment. It has got the same measuring circuitry as the Biological Pressure Meter, but a presettable alarm function is also implemented in it. The built-in alarm detector algorithm is running on an internal microcontroller. There is a built-in automatic battery charger/manager circuit to provide the reliable working conditions. The measurement data can be seen on the LCD display, and it is available at the analog output for further processing, as well. All the functions work perfectly in the battery-operated mode, except the backlight of the LCD.


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The application field of the ICP Monitor is intensive care in neurosurgery. It has been built in a small plastic case, so it can be used anywhere, even during the transportation of the human patient. This was the main goal in its development process. The standard intensive care monitors are usually not portable equipments. Especially in the neurosurgery there is a very important requirement. The bleeding in the skull must be detected as early as possible, becase the life of the patient depends on minutes in such an emergency situation. ICP Monitor is optimized especially for this purpose: it generates an alarm signal in very early phase of the increasing of the intra-cranial pressure. This equipment has not generated any profit for Supertech, but undoubtedly this is our most beneficial product. It has saved many human lives.