Mechanical Accessories for Physiology Laboratories



High performance spine (back bone) holder for rat


In the pictures below you can see the more difficult, and more precise spine (back bone) holder model. The nose holder, and the ear bars are optional accessories, they can be removed, if your experimental situation does not require them. The screws holding the base plate, and the clips themselves can be positioned on any side of the equipment.


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There is simplified spine (back bone) holder model in our choice. It is not published here in details. Please see the prices. For detailed information please call, or email us:



Laboratory rackmount


This product is a modular, universal rackmount shelf, which can optimally hold the standard 19 inch wide laboratory measuring equipments.


Technical data:


Total height: 199 cm (including the wheels)


Useful internal height: 180 cm


Size of the base frame (the total space requirement): 55 x 55 cm


There are four strong, rotating wheels on the base frame. The two front wheels can be fixed with levers.


There are 2 fixed shelves, one on the top, and one on the base. Furthermore there are 5 pieces of moveable shelves. The moveable shelves can be positioned vertically in 50 mm steps.


Size of the moveable shelves: 55 x 49 cm


Size of the fixed shelves: 55 x 55 cm



Massive Worktable


We manufacture Massive Worktables with strong steel leg system in any custom width.


Technical data:


Heat- and acid-resistant plastic surface on the top plate


Height of the top from the floor: 75 cm


There are built-in leveling screws in the bottom of the legs


Payload: 2 kN / m2


There are two possible depths:

    60 cm deep version

    90 cm deep version



Faraday cage


Description is coming soon...