Perfusion Perfusion Valve Controllers



The Valve Controllers can be used to apply different drug solutions to the experimental object under complete control of any computer, and any software. The Valve Controllers of Supertech are modular equipments. We will assemble your equipment exactly with that number of channels, what your experiment requires. The number of the valves the user wants to control can be specified in the range of 1 to 255. The equipment will be built with the same number of the power end-stages as the desired number of the valves (one end-stage for every valves). Every valves can be controlled from three different sources: 1) external TTL input, 2) manual push-button, 3) the Microprocessor-based Timer, and Sequence Controller.


The Microprocessor-based Timer, and Sequence Controller is an optional part of the Valve Controller equipments. It is used to generate precise time durations to activate the valves. The Microprocessor-based Timer, and Sequence Controller (as a built-in module in the Valve Controller) should be ordered in that case, if the user does not want to use the external computer to generate the time periods to open the valves, only the Start signals are generated by the data acquisition system.


The Valve Controllers have TTL inputs, one for each valves. The digital output port bits of ANY kind of data acquisition boards can be used to control the valves. In nearly every laboratories a universal data acquisition hardware, and software system is used. They are manufactured by different firms, but their common feature is that they provide a universal, time-synchronized software package for analog-to-digital conversion of the measured data, and control of the external equipments (such as a Valve Controller for example).


An example:


Simple, 5-channel Valve Controller without Timer, and Sequence Microprocessor


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The valves are NOT parts of the valve controllers, their price is not included in the price of the valve controllers. The valves are usually chosen by our customers based on many different professional aspects. This is the reason, why we do not offer valves in our choice. Our valve controller equipments can accept any kind of valves. A tip: there is a good, general purpose valve: Model 003-0121-900 manufactured by Parker Hannifin Corp. General Valve Division. It is a 12V DC, normally open valve with biologically inert teflon internal structure (compatible with any biological solutions).


In the Price List you can find an algorithm to calculate the price of any configurations of the modular Valve Controllers.


Technical data:


Power end-stage:

- Output voltage: DC 12V by default

- Output current: maximum 1 A for each valves by default

- Other special voltage, and/or current requirements should be specified in the order, as well.


Programmable time range on the Microprocessor-based Timer, and Sequence Controller: 10 ms - 60000 ms with 10 ms of resolution.


The Microprocessor-based Timer, and Sequence Controller has got a backlighted 2x16 character LCD on the front plate, and nonvolatile memory to store the setup parameters.