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Engineering Creativity for Neuroscience



3D Accelerometer


The most important biological applications of ACC-2x Accelerometer are:

    Research of neurodegenerative diseases

    Diagnostic measurements of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease

    Quantitative evaluation of cognitive functions


The typical application fields of ACC-2x Accelerometer:

    The measurable acceleration range is wide enough to cover every biological research and diagnostic application

    It is an ideal tool for measuring of vibration in general

    A unique application field is the high-end microscopy and evaluation of the vibration isolation attempts and solutions


ACC-2x is a complete 3-axis accelerometer. It measures acceleration with a nominal full-scale range of +/- 2 g. It can measure the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration, resulting from motion, shock, or vibration. It can measure the acceleration in three dimensions (3 axes) independently of each other. It is compatible with any PC-based data acquisition (DAQ) systems due to its analog voltage outputs.


In this description, in connection with the 3D Accelerometer, unit of measure g means the standard gravitational acceleration (9.80665 m/s2)


The sensor of the ACC-2x Accelerometer is extremely small. This advantageous feature allows you to connect it to any target to be measured without disturbing the original vibration situation. Despite the high sensitivity of the sensor (0.001 g of resolution), it can survive 10000 g of shock overload.


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You can see the axes referring to the outer shape of the sensor in this drawing:


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ACC-2x Accelerometer has:

    Extremely high sensitivity

    Excellent linearity

    Superb temperature stability

    Wide bandwidth (fast recording speed)

    Very good long-term stability


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Specifications / Technical Data


3D measurement, three axes with three independent analogue voltage outputs


Full-scale range of measurement: +/- 2 g


Resolution: 0.001 g


Worst-case error of the full scale value: < 5 %


Linearity error maximum: < 5 %


Scale factor choice:

    420 mV / g

    840 mV / g

    2.0 V / g


Bandwidth choice:

    10 Hz

    50 Hz

    100 Hz

    200 Hz

    500 Hz


Analog output impedance: 300 Ohm


Dimensions of the sensor board: 8 x 8 x 3 mm


Dimensions of the equipment: 160 x 200 x 65 (Width x Depth x Height)


Weight: 1 kg


Supply voltage: 15 to 24 V DC with any polarity


DC Supply current: 500 mA


The complete User Manual of the ACC-2x Accelerometer is available for download.





You can find the general warranty and shipping conditions in the beginning of the Services page.


3D Accelerometer ACC-2x, DC-powered version: 516 EUR


Plug-in DC Power Supply ACC-DCPS-1, it is necessary to order for the 3D Accelerometer ACC-2x: 42 EUR


2 meter long flat sensor cable CACC-1, assembled with Berg and Precidip connectors: 38 EUR


3D sensor board ACCSEN-1, assembled and calibrated, 8 x 8 mm, with acceleration sensor IC, 3 cm flat cable and Precidip connector: 78 EUR


Acceleration sensor IC (unsoldered, unassembled) ACCIC-1, for DIY application: 22 EUR


Empty (unsoldered, unassembled) 8 x 8 mm 3D sensor board ACCPCB-1, for DIY application: 17 EUR




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