IonFlow Pro electrophoretic equipment V.3


The electrophoresis (ionophoresis) gives a brand new way to pass medicines, and other effective substances to the human body. The electrophoretic technique itself is not new, but it offers a large scope in medical practice nowadays, because special pastilles, pills, and solutions are manufactured for this purpose. From these special materials the effective substances can be passed with ionophoresis instead of hypodermic needle. The result is: there is NO PAIN of injection any more. IonFlow Pro is designed specifically for cosmetic, and all general human medical applications. IonFlow Pro is the most universal electrophoretic equipment in our choice offered for practised professionals.


Four important fields of applications of IonFlow Pro equipments are listed below as examples:

    - Painless cures in cosmetics

    - Passing of anodynes into joints (sportsmen for instance)

    - Painless cure of Lymph Oedema

    - Reduction of thickness of the fat layer under the skin


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In our choice there are three different electrophoretic equipments. All of them are up-to-date, microprocessor-controlled constructions. IonFlow Pro is a high-voltage electrophoretic equipment for all general human dental, and cosmetic applications. IonFlow Bipolar is a single-channel electrophoretic equipment for microelectrode research applications. IonFlow Modular is a modular, expandable multi-channel version of IonFlow Bipolar, with an additional current compensating channel. Our electrophoretic equipments offer high accuracy due to their microprocessor-based, fully digital internal electronic design. Since we use state-of-the-art electronic components, and extremely thorough quality checking during their manufacturing process, their reliability is delicious. The IonFlows have got menu-driven internal software, so it is very easy to learn how to use them.


The electrophoresis (which collective word covers the effects of ionophoresis and electro-osmosis) offers a comfortable opportunity to pass medicines, and/or other chemical substances into any conductive organs (e.g. the human body through the surface of the skin, or directly into tissue cultures) in correctly measured small quantities with electric current. During ionophoresis the ions move due to an electric potential field. The non-ionic substances can be passed similarly with electro-osmosis. The substances, which are designed in the pharmaceutical factories for human electrophoretic purposes meet these requirement. The solutions used in research labs should be designed according to these facts. The quantity of substances passed from the electrode can be controlled exactly by two parameters: the current and time of the electrophoresis.


Technical data:


Time range: 0-29 min (in 1 sec steps)


Output current: 0-8 mA, or 0-16 mA (in 10 ľA steps)


Display: 2x16 characters alphanumeric LCD with green backlight


Programming: three push-buttons on the front, in menu system


Supply source: 4 kV isolated mains frequency power supply


Compliance voltage: 75 V


Automatic built-in diagnostic algorithm


Patient security protection circuit with a relay at the output


Manual security current control to solve dangerous situations


Non-volatile memory to store the parameters used last time


The Downloadable specification of the IonFlow Pro equipments is available.


The human patient, and user security instructions to use IonFlow Pro is downloadable. This document is available in Hungarian language.


Picture gallery of the IonFlow Pro:


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