In-vivo and In-utero Electroporator SP-4a


Electroporator SP-4a is optimized for in-vivo and in-utero applications. For this reason it has extremely high output current capability on an affordably secure voltage level.


Electroporator SP-4a is designed for in-vivo and in-utero applications to work in the bodies of living (certainly anaesthetized) animals. That is the reason, why the maximal output voltage of our equipment is 200 V or 400 V, depending on the application.


The output voltage range is set in the factory during the manufacturing process. You should specify the desired voltage range in the order.


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Technical Data


Output voltage ranges: 0 - 200 V, or 0 - 400 V


Manual output voltage adjustment with a 10-turn precision helical potmeter


Output impedance: 33.6 Ohms


Real (true, pure) output voltage indicator LED on the front plate


The timing parameters are controlled by a built-in RISC microcontroller in a user-friendly menu system


Display: 4 x 20 characters alphanumeric LCD with bright blue backlight


Programming: three pushbuttons on the front, in menu system


Automatic internal diagnostic algorithm in the firmware


Flash program memory


Non-volatile EEPROM memory to store the parameters used last time



    - Single Pulse mode

    - Burst mode


Number of output pulses: 1 - 99


Pulse length: 1 - 250 ms (adjustable in 1 ms steps)


Pause between the pulses: 10 ms - 60000 ms (adjustable in 10 ms steps)


Manual Start or externally controlled activity (may be used together, independently of each other)


Double security insulation from mains


Emergency Stop capability


External Start Pedal input on the back side


Dimensions of the instrument: 290 x 250 x 120 mm


Mains voltage: 100-120V or 220-230V (chosen by an internal selector switch, fixed in the factory)


Power consumption without output load, the Electroporator only: 80 VA


Weight: 3.8 kg



Electrodes and Cables


Nearly all kinds of in-vivo electroporation applications require different, special shaped electrodes. There is a great commercial choice of various electroporator electrodes, such as flat, pin, cuvette, tweezers, pinch and other kinds of electrodes. That is why Supertech Instruments does not offer electrodes for electroporation. But we provide the appropriate, secure, high voltage output cable for your preferred electrode, as a free accessory.



The Downloadable product description leaflet of the In-vivo and In-utero Electroporator SP-4x is available.


The complete User Manual of the In-vivo and In-utero Electroporator SP-4x is available for download.



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