Engineering Creativity for Neuroscience




Instrumentation   for

      Electrophysiology,   Brain Research,   EEG,   Epilepsy,

            Multichannel Recording,   Electronics,   Temperature Control,

                  Ion Selective/Sensitive Recording,   Optogenetics,   Neurophysiology,

                        Vibration Isolation,   Behavioral Physiology,   Neuroscience,   Neurobiology,

                              Biology,   Pharmacology,   Biophysics,   Brain Surgery,   Cardiology,   Microscopy





Supertech Instruments was established in 1991 to design and manufacture measuring equipments for physiological, biological, pharmacological, neuroscience, and brain research applications. Our products are used in more than 25 countries worldwide. They were evaluated and qualified by renowned scientists in famous universities and research institutes all over the world. Supertech Instruments products cover a wide range of scientific equipment, including lab animal heaters, temperature controllers, vibration isolation and optical tables, biological amplifiers, stimulators, mouse stereotaxic devices, pressure meters, force meters, acceleration meters, in-vivo electroporators, iontophoretic devices, and equipments for behavioral physiology. Our primary goals are the effectiveness and speed in the development of new scientific measuring equipments. Supertech Instruments electronic products have an exceptionally low fault rate with a value of 0.3 % (!)



Short List of Supertech Instruments Products    (the detailed list is on the Products page)


>>  Temperature Management in Physiology and in Biology

>>  Vibration Isolation Tables, Optical Tables and Damping Plates

>>  In-Line Solution Heaters

>>  Small Vessel Myograph

>>  Microscope Stage Incubator and CO2 Controller

>>  Biological Amplifiers  (comparison chart of the different models)

          >>  MultiAmp  multichannel amplifier system for biology

          >>  BioAmp  universal amplifiers for biology

          >>  LinearAmp  signal conditioner amplifiers

          >>  Preamplifiers and Accessories  for electrophysiology and for brain research

>>  BioStim Biological Stimulator System

>>  Mouse and Neonatal Rat Stereotaxic Frame Adaptor

>>  Elpho-EEG  frequency content analysis software for intracranial EEG

>>  Dual-Superfusion Slice Chamber Insert

>>  Pressure Measurement in Biology

>>  Force Measurement in Biology

>>  3D Accelerometer  for biological research and for vibration measurement

>>  In-vivo and In-utero Electroporator

>>  Electrophoretic (Iontophoretic, Ionophoretic) Equipments  (comparison chart)

          >>  IonFlow Bipolar

          >>  IonFlow Modular

          >>  IonFlow Pro

>>  Behavioral Physiology of Lab Animals

>>  Monitor System for Veterinary Use  (technical details will be published soon)

>>  Perfusion (Pharmacological) Equipments

>>  Precision Mechanical Devices

>>  Designing, Prototyping and Manufacturing of Special Equipments